The 12 Unexpected Advantages Of Personalized Neon Signs For Businesses

Advantages Of Neon Signs

There are a number of methods you can make sure local customers are aware of your company.

Your business can draw attention with the use of window displays, flashing lights, traditional signage, banners, and vivid building paint.

But does anything operate as well as neon signage? Neon's potential formerly seemed restricted.

But because to advancements in technology and years of creativity, personalized neon signs now have a lot to offer businesses.

Although neon signs have long been a popular option for commercial displays, the LED sector is currently growing in popularity.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are strung tightly together so that the light they generate overlaps and creates a steady source of light.

Are used to construct LED lights and signage.


As LEDs are frequently wrapped in their own polymer jackets to protect each diode from external damage.

LED signs are typically lighter and more protected than glass neon signs.

LED signs are the best option for almost all types of brick and mortar businesses with physical locations due to their many advantages.

Your Neon Signage Guide

You could notice how many buildings have glowing signage that nearly appear luminescent if you ever take a nighttime stroll through the neighborhood.

Those are the neon signs, and if you're noticing them before anything else.


You've already taken advantage of one of the main advantages of this type of advertising.

According to historians, the first neon sign appeared in 1910. This occurred in France at the Grand Palais.

People were drawn in by the show, and as a result, this unique visual impact spread swiftly to other countries.

Commercial demand for neon signs had significantly increased by the 1950s, particularly given how well-off postwar America was.

Neon sign demand may have peaked in the 1970s, according to some reports.

But it has persisted into the new century and is now making a strong resurgence.


They are still a huge hit with many customers.

Despite all the benefits of the digital age, paperback books continue to be popular, and vinyl records have once again surpassed CD sales.

Genuine acceptance of such things exists, and there is a true hunger for genuine goods. Old school seems to be back in style.

Why Neon LED Commercial Signs Are Becoming More Popular

With the general population moving toward a greener future and safe recycling becoming the norm.

It is likely that the vintage signs you currently see will switch from their original neon to the more advanced LED neon.


12 Benefits of Using Custom Neon Signs for Your Business

Here are a dozen particular benefits that you should think about when it comes to the benefits that bespoke neon signage. can provide for your company.

Some of them if not all might help you see the possibilities.

1. Energy Efficiency

Given how much less energy custom neon signs consume, many business owners find them to be very popular.

LED uses a lot less electricity than a neon light if you're looking for the most energy-efficient lighting or signage.

LEDs only require 12 volts, whereas neon lamps require 15,000 volts to operate.

If you're considering a sizable outdoor show and debating between LED and neon.

Choosing an LED display will likely result in significant operating cost savings.


2. Flexibility In Design

The options should be obvious from the term "custom neon signs," but they are genuinely limitless.

For logos and writing, this particular advertising media offers a plethora of choices.

Neon signs can be made by businesses in almost any shape or color.

Numerous neon sign manufacturers offer online design tools that you may utilize on your own, and they can even complete the work themselves.

You can even hire independent contractors to create the layout and the images only.


3. Resilience

Custom neon signs have the same strength and durability as standard neon signs, which already have long lifespans.

A properly constructed and maintained neon sign should last your business for ten years.

But with genuine care, from design to installation to upkeep, it may last even longer.

Sending a worker up a ladder to change the bulbs on traditional outdoor signage twice a year is a far cry better solution than that.

Depending on the weather and who is truly willing to climb the ladder, it is also much safer.


4. Straightforward Setup

Even if you need experts to manage the installation.

The majority of neon sign manufacturers either have someone on their team who can do it or routinely collaborate with someone for it.

Even if you are capable of doing the installation yourself.

Hiring professionals will provide you the assurance that it will be done correctly and give you the chance to learn how to manage your signage.

In either event, this isn't a construction project that will interfere with or even completely shut down your firm for extended periods of time.

Typically, only a few hours are required, with little disruption to foot traffic.

You might even plan to complete this task when nobody is around, depending on your business hours.

In a single day, the sign appears, is installed, and is turned on.


5. Environmentally Responsible

Neon signs consume less power, as you obviously know if you've been reading this whole thing.

Additionally, they live longer lives. All of this contributes to a better environment for the one you share with your clients, vendors, and workers.

If you even use fossil fuel power where you are, using less energy results in a smaller carbon impact.

Additionally, because these signs don't need to be updated as frequently, there is a lot less trash generated during creation, disposal, and recycling.


6. Wide Field Of Operation

Along with being robust, neon signs may perform a wide variety of tasks. Is the location of your company vulnerable to storms?

Are brownouts and surges frequent on your line voltage? In all of these situations, neon signage is often extremely safe.

7. Flexibility

You already have a general concept of the assortment of hues, patterns, and shapes that are offered.

Even if you don't anticipate ever needing the adaptability of custom neon signage, it can be necessary.

There may be requirements and restrictions that your signage must follow.

Ranging from state and local regulations to rules imposed by your property manager or building owner.

While your neighbors might be baffled by how to make flat signs function.


8. Win the evening

You can comply with the regulations that are relevant to your location and still stand out.

Because to the adaptability and flexibility of neon signage.

On weekdays, does your firm close at 5 o'clock? Alternately, are you open late and on the weekends?

If your business is open at night, neon signs can let people in the neighborhood know who you are, where you are, and that you are open.

Of course, lighting may be installed to illuminate your daylight signage, but neon signs are more economical and require less upkeep.


9. Leave a lasting impression

How often have you passed by a place of business and seen nothing but a plain text sign with perhaps some neutral colors?

How many businesses or shops lack even a logo? How often do you simply observe a vinyl banner flapping in the wind?

You can use any colors, forms, styles, and sizes you like while creating neon signs.

Mount a piece of art, and before customers and prospects even enter your doors, the quality and worth of your company will speak for itself.

It might even occur before they exit their vehicle.


10. Complement Your Brand

Today, social media rules the world. Being open for business and providing a good or service is insufficient.

A company name and website are insufficient because you also need to build a brand.

Flat signage can often make it difficult to match branding.

But custom neon allows you to design signs that seamlessly integrate with your existing logo, colors, and content.


11. Fonts aplenty

The option to select from a wide variety of fonts is one of the custom neon sign's most important advantages.

If matching your company identity is vital to you, this has a tight connection to that.

At the very least, picking a font type that complements your decor and aesthetic is required.

For an outside sign, you might pick a font that distinguishes your company name from those of the nearby businesses.

There's a good probability that you can give a typeface you desire to a neon sign builder even if they don't have it already so they can use it.


12. Neon Is Quite Brilliant

Neon is noticeable. In contrast to conventional or traditional signs, the colors are frequently more brilliant and the luminance is also much improved.

This makes it much simpler for customers to discover you once they've made up their minds to come in as well as for passersby to notice your business.

Help with Custom Neon Signs Even if the technology that underlies businesses is more than a century old.

Neon signs are a retro-chic method to announce that your store is open or even to display sophisticated branding.

Use this choice to deliver information to your clients and prospects in a deliciously styled and urgent manner.



The main lure of neon signs is attention. Even when the sun is still up, they continue to do this.

In the thriving roadside culture that swept across America in the 1950s and 1960s, their high exposure made them quite well-liked.

Even today, finding a place to stay the night depends on the neon Vacancy/No Vacancy signs of hotels and motels that can be seen from the road.


The Various Signs

Not all objects that are referred to as neon signs actually contain neon.

The present revival of this business began in the second half of the 1990s as engineers and chemists began to develop the various color spectrums that are now feasible.

Argon, carbon dioxide, helium, fiber optics, and even LED technology that resembles conventional neon lights may be used in contemporary "neon" signage.


Know Your Community

Although not all towns genuinely appreciate neon signs.

Most do, given their iconic Americana style as well as how practical and beneficial customers regard them to be.

However, if you must deal with this, make sure your property ownership will allow it.

Additionally, confirm that neon signage is permitted under zoning regulations and building rules.

Additionally, pay attention to nearby businesses who are producing personalized neon signs.

If there are a lot, don't assume that adding one more will clog the area or overwhelm visitors.


It might only be evidence that custom neon signage is effective. Pay attention to the number of vehicles in each parking lot.

How many people enter and exit the building?

The results speak for themselves, and you can verify for yourself how custom neon signs benefit the businesses in your community.

Be a part of the crowd, but make sure your sign stands out above the rest.

As a final recommendation, you can discover more about how to take care of your neon sign in our previous blog: How Long Do Neon Signs Last? – Guide to Longevity.

To discover more about the history of neon signs. SEE HERE

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