How-To Choose the Best Colour for Your Neon Sign

“What’s so difficult about buying a neon sign?”, you would be surprised by how common that question is whenever you are trying to pick one. 

The truth is, you don’t have too many aspects to consider or decisions to make, but the few ones you have to deal with can take a lot of time and give you a few headaches. 

From the size to the colour you want for neon signs, you really need to pick correctly if you don’t want to regret your decision. 

However, as people who have been in this business for a while, we assure you there’s no such thing as a ‘bad decision’ but rather one that you like the most. 

Now, the hardest part won’t be to choose the perfect size for it since you can always figure this out by measuring the space where you will place it. 

Or if you are unsure since you have plenty of space, we would usually recommend going for a medium or large size. 

The next part? Think about the neon design you want. 

If you have a design in mind, this won’t be hard at all. Instead, you can just focus on going for a custom neon sign and it will be much easier and simpler. 

But what if you are unsure of the design you want from the store. 

After all, in Neon-Rooms, we have over 200 designs that go from quotes to simple shapes or figures, and we know this can be overwhelming but you can just have a look, take your time, and we’re sure you will find the one you like the most—until you can get another one. 

Finally, the nightmare that most people underestimate at the beginning: choosing the colour. 

Having a favourite colour of your own is the key, but if you are planning to place the neon sign in a specific place with colours that are a bit different from it, you will have a hard time with it. 

“What colour goes better with this one?”, “Should I get it in another colour because of the décor?”, “Will it give out the vibe I’m looking for?”. 

All these questions are very common, and since we don’t want you to spend most of your days trying to choose a colour, let’s figure out which one you should choose. 

Neon Sign Colours for Your Bedroom 

The most common room to place a neon sign in our home is definitely our bedroom. It just gives that relaxing and unique vibe we’ve been looking for all this time. 

When you already have a colour in your walls—which is clearly every single time—, you will be worried about it not being the perfect fit for your neon sign colour. 

Well, the colour of your walls matters about 70% of the times since the neon sign can overshadow it only when it is a clear colour.  

Of course, if you have a white wall, certain colours will look better or different compared to having, maybe, a yellow one. 

If you want a clear example, just imagine a green wall with a pink neon sign. There will be some competition between both colours and as much as we encourage people to go for the one they like, we wouldn’t recommend such combinations. 

On the other hand, imagine a black wall and then a pink neon sign. The contrast will be excellent because the neutral background and the neon light will stand out a lot, just what you want. 

Now, with this clear, are there any colours that will look better in a bedroom compared to others? Absolutely. 

Pink, red, orange, white, and purple, are incredible colours to give out a warm and relaxing vibe. 

Since the main goal for most people placing a neon sign in a bedroom is to make sure the place feels cosy, warm colours or those that give out this feeling will be the best. 

When playing with any of the 5 colours above, do your best to have either white, black, or maybe the same colour on your walls. 

This will amplify the colour and the neon light will look 10 times better, especially if you are going for a quote in your sign such as our ‘Create Your Own Reality’ neon sign or maybe the ‘Dream Big’ neon light we have in all 5 colours. 

Best Options for Your Dark or Drama Theme 

If you want it dark then, keep it dark. 

This is a piece of very simple advice and quite straightforward. 

When aiming for dramatic or deep colours in your décor or setup, you shouldn’t go for bright colours such as yellow, green, and even pink. 

Instead, stick to the dark colours and a palette that only consists of them. 

However, there’s a small condition for this choice: only choose dark ones if you truly want to keep the vibe low and deep. 

Bright colours aren’t a bad choice when you are trying to have a different outcome. 

Maybe you have dark walls and you don’t want to keep it that way. Instead, you’re thinking about lightning up the place with something different. 

Now, what dark colour is on your walls? 

For black walls, any colour will fit perfectly, no matter if it is bright or dark as long as you are happy with the result it is giving. 

And if you’re preparing something special and having a full décor, we can suggest going for a neon sign colour that is just like the rest of the décor or one that harmonizes with it more than thinking in your wall.

For colours such as dark red, you might want to stick to red just as the wall or similar shades that won’t change too much when providing the light. 

A great example would be to use our ‘Crazy in Love’ neon sign on your wedding day with a black, red, or white wall. 

One of our most recent clients in Neon-Rooms decided to keep it simple by going for a purple ‘Don’t Quit’ neon sign and hung it on a white wall and believe us, it looks nothing like white but rather purple took over the entire place. We’re in love with it!

If You Love It, It’s Perfect

Following what we said at the beginning, you should definitely go for it if you like it and that’s it. 

Sometimes, certain combinations will be weird or out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t mean they will look bad and as long as you’re the one enjoying it, is there a reason to change your mind? 

We are part of the ‘stay true to yourself’ team, which is why we encourage you to do just this when choosing a colour. 

Now, regardless of the colour you choose, we are confident any of our neon signs will look stunning. 

We have made sure that every single one of our styles and designs available looks gorgeous despite the colour. 

Believe it or not, all 8 single colours available in our store will leave you breathless, and if you can’t get enough with one, here’s a piece of final advice: multi-colour it is!

In Neon-Rooms, our designs can either be single or multi-colour, giving you the freedom to choose more than one in case you can’t come to terms with which one you like the most. 

Our ‘Relax’ neon sign is one of our customers’ favourite since it blends perfectly when you decide to go for the multi-colour option. 

Other styles such as our ‘Red Light District’ and ‘Say Yes to New Adventures’ neon signs, we have to admit we have a certain weakness when in red and pink. 

And our ‘Globe’ design? Blue and green are the indisputable winners. 

Feel free to browse all our collections, from ‘Artistic’ to ‘Music’ and rest assured that all the neon lights available will look perfect in the colour you go for. 

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