Traditional Neon vs LED Neon – Which one is the best?

When you think about a neon sign, you do not always consider the light and technology that was used for it. Instead, you are more worried about finding the right design or neon sign quote for you. 

It is understandable, but if you decided to enter the neon worldor you are thinking about it, you will need to know more than just the options you have available in terms of style. 

Although neon signs are not new since in the 1920s but mostly 1960s, they were quite popular and you could find them anywhere, they are not the same in the present but rather better when it comes to structuring, possible designs, and how they are built. 

For you being interested, we are sure you will find this information more than relevant and useful when choosing the wall sign for your room. 

But where can we start? By letting you know that they are not the same lights as before. They are better. 

In Neon-Rooms, we have worked hard in having high-quality neon signs that will not only bring a pleasant aesthetic to your space but also last for a very long time. 

Traditional neon signs are stunning just the way they are, but they are not as durable or efficient as they should. 

For example, have you ever thought about the amount of energy you are spending by keeping them on? 

It is right to think not only about the beauty and function of the neon light but also about how much it consumes and if you are able to handle it. 

Traditional ones will give you the best in style but will make you spend a lot of money every month. 

We are just starting with the details you should keep in mind, and we are eager to tell you why LED neon signs will be the winners in this match. 

What are the main differences between LED neon lights and traditional ones?

The energy efficiency for sure. 

Since LED lights do not waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat compared to regular ones, you can get much more electricity by consuming less energy. 

Instead of using 40% or 50% of their energy to produce light, they will get up to 85%, which means there is a minimal waste when you turn on an LED bulb or light. 

When you take these percentages and math into neon signs, you understand that you will be able to get more for less when it is time to pay your bills. 

This is why we at Neon-Rooms love the idea of using LED options. This allows you to go for not only a more efficient wall décor but also a safer one. 

There are many differences we can still mention between both types of neon lights. 

After energy efficiency, we have to mention how safe they are since you will not have to deal with lights that get so hot to the point you are unable to touch them without using protection or a cloth. 

And we are certain that you are planning to hang your neon sign in your living room, bedroom, office, or a wall where people can not only see it but also touch it, and you do not want to deal with accidents nor put yourself and anyone in your home or company in danger. 

Here, we do not want you to risk yourself and property when you could easily have a LED neon sign that can do the trick and provide you with the same features and style you are aiming for. 

Now, what about the aesthetic aspect? Will they look as good as the wall signs you are used to seeing? 

No. We can guarantee they will look much better. 

Unlike traditional lights, especially neon ones, LED neon lights will give you an extremely high level of brightness and intensity. No one will miss your wall sign and its beauty will not decay over the years. 

Thus, expect them to be much more suitable for either looking at them up close or from a distance, during the day or night. 

A very good example is our ‘Astronaut’ neon sign. When it is made with traditional neon lights, you will have a hard time trying to figure out what it is, especially from a distance. 

But when you look at our design made with LED neon lights; you can tell right away it is the figure of an astronaut. After all, it looks clean, bright but without reaching the point of blurring the design, and elegant to hang as home décor or have it in your business. 

Other options in our store such as ‘Love Triangle’ ‘Nothing is Impossible’ and ‘The World Is Yours’ neon signs are not what people would go for due to the shape and font, but do you truly have to worry about it when a LED neon light offers you to see them clearly and enjoy their beauty? We do not think so. 

Do you need to worry about the price? 

Not at all. 

In Neon-Rooms, we are aware that people are afraid of going for LED lights in general since they tend to be more expensive than traditional ones. 

When going for LED neon signs, we know you are expecting a much higher price for the wall décor you want to acquire but with us, you do not have to think about it. 

We have made sure to have a wide range of designs, styles, shapes, quotes, and prices as well. 

We are looking to provide you with a variety that fits your taste and preferences but you can also pay to not end up quitting to the idea of having them as part of your space. 

Therefore, there is no need to worry about how much you will have to pay for one of our neon signs available. 

Of course, the price will always depend on a few features:

  • Its size. 
  • The design you choose. 
  • If it is customized or not. 
  • Single colour or multi-colour. 

However, if you are looking for cheap neon signs, we are able to offer you several items that can meet your budget. 

Our ‘Ambition’ neon sign is not only one of the cheapest neon signs on sale we have but also one you can fit in any space and room. 

Looking for figures and shapes? Our ‘Female Pose 2’ ‘Globe’ and ‘Building Block’ neon signs are part of our best-selling products and we are certain you will love them. 

Of course, we have more options in our ‘Artistic’ collection that can give you some inspiration and neon sign ideas for the one you are looking for your space. 

What is the best-LED neon light colour for your sign?

It is 80% up to your taste or preference and 20% of what colour looks better in the room.

People are used to the common red and orange colour for neon signs, but we can all agree they do not look good in everything or everywhere. 

Thus, you cannot just decide to go for those two colours when you know they will not fit your taste, you do not like them to begin with nor will they look good in the room you plan to hang the neon sign. 

So, what can you do to come up with the best-LED neon light colour? Think about the design and style you are going for in the room, how to complement it, and consider the colours you like the most. 

We want to give you a few ideas that can go well in case it applies for your style and taste, the purpose of hanging the neon sign, or if you have something similar in mind. 

  • A minimalist design: for this, you might want to keep it simple and just add a touch of brightness to the room. White LED neon lights are perfect for it as well as the light blue option we have available. 
  • Dark spaces: you can get more creative with it. You can choose a colour that stands out in order to have a contrast between your walls, furniture, and other appliances. For example, a purple neon sign would look great with a black wall as the background. 
  • Rooms or spaces to relax and chill: always go for colours that give you brightness to a very limited extent. The orange and green neon lights options available for our signs would look great in your space. 

Every single one of the neon signs available in NeonRooms comes in 8 different colours, which means you can go for the ones you like the most. 

But will the colour influence in how good the quote or figure you choose looks? Not at all. 

We like to take our ‘Your Potential Is Endless’ and ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ neon signs as good items among our collections to show how good any colour looks. You will be fascinated with not only these designs in particular but you will also start to look forward to the rest. 

Are there LED neon signs that look better than others in our store? 

That is hard to tell. 

Since we have put a lot of work and effort into making each one unique, high-quality, and gorgeous, we are unable to tell which ones are the best. 

After all, it depends a lot on taste and preferences. 

However, we would encourage you to start with our vintage neon signs that can be mostly found in our ‘Artistic’ collection or go right away to our ‘Inspirational’ designs in case you are looking for quotes. 

We are certain you will love everything as much as we do and LED neon lights will turn out to be your favourite ones from now on. 

However, if you are interested in traditional gas neon signs, you are welcome to ask us to make them for you! Just hit our ‘Build Your Own’ option and get creative with the specific design you want.