Are Neon Signs Bad for The Environment? – What You Need to Know

Are Neon Signs Bad for The Environment?

Whenever you are including an element in your property, you need to make sure it does not only look good but also is safe for you and the planet.

To do this, it’s important to know the elements used to make it and if the item you are choosing is sustainable and recommended to be used.

In the case of neon signs, most homeowners and people overall consider the elements that could lead them to think neon signs aren’t safe nor a good option for the environment.

But before you get to that conclusion, there are many things and elements you need to know in order to judge it by yourself but also understand the conclusion.

Where should you start? Definitely by knowing the materials used to create them. 

What are Neon Signs Made of?

You must know the basic elements by now, such as glass, tubes, neon, and silicone or acrylic in certain cases.

However, do you actually know how neon signs are made and how to achieve the final result?

First, glass tubes, silicone, acrylic, and similar materials, are just the ‘container’ of neon signs.

Just like any other material, they are crucial for their creation, but what makes a neon sign be what you see are the gases used.

Neon is part of the noble gases and very stable and healthy to use. In order to obtain the neon lights you love, the gas is isolated in higher density by using the glass tubes and add electric voltage to obtain the bright and stunning result.

However, this is just the process to make a classic neon sign in orange-red colour.

For other colours such as yellow, green or pink, helium is used instead of neon to obtain different colours, while other individual or combinations of gases allow us to obtain others.

All the gases used during the process of a neon sign are part of the noble ones and completely safe, which means you don’t have to worry about them when it comes to how good they are for the environment.

Now, does this answer the question right away? Not quite.

Neon signs are a bad option for the environment, but only if we are talking about traditional ones.

Traditional neon signs are not energy efficient at all since they can be compared to the usual and traditional light bulbs, we know consume lots of electricity.

Therefore, they aren’t eco-friendly when we think about this.

Now, why would you still choose to go for one? Simple, because they are now made of LED lights.

In Neon Rooms, we wanted to make sure you can make your room stand out and create your vibe by having ecological neon signs that won’t harm the environment.

As you might know by now, LED lights and extremely energy-efficient and help to save a lot of electricity.

When you implement them for neon signs, you just obtain the same result.

From our ‘Trapped in My Mind’ neon light to ‘Hold Hands’ neon sign, we have made sure to create them as LED neon signs only, which means you won’t have to worry about the environment from now on.

With that said, the direct answer would be: no, they aren’t bad for the environment and you can just go for them without hesitation.

Is Every Neon Sign in our Store Eco-Friendly?


As mentioned before, we have made sure to offer LED neon signs, not traditional ones.

Although we can create traditional neon signs for you, all our preset designs are made with LED lights, so there’s no need to ask for this feature when placing your order.

As an experienced and responsible company, we encourage you to go for this option regardless of the design you have in mind.

However, if you are convinced to have a traditional neon sign, you just need to let us know and any of our options available will be made like that.

With that said, do we mean it when we say ‘all our preset design’? You don’t have to doubt about it.

When having a look at our collections and every neon sign in stock, you will notice our options only include LED lights, and this is regardless of the colour you decide to go for.

Since we already made clear that noble gases are completely safe, you don’t need to worry about them causing harm to the environment but rather start thinking what colour you want for your neon sign and we will start to create it for you.

Of course, you need to think about the design you want in the first place.

Since every item in the store is eco-friendly, you can have a look at all the options.

If you are going for quotes, we definitely recommend you to have a look at our ‘Inspirational’ collection where you can find our ‘Become the Person You Decide to Be’ ‘Believe in Your Dreams’ and ‘Create Your Own Reality neon signs, which are part of our favourites but not the only ones.

For something more artistic, we have a collection with that name in specific where you will find different shapes and special designs such as our ‘Female Pose 2’ and ‘Building Block’ neon signs.

Neon Signs are Bright, Eco-Friendly, and Stunning

These three elements are what you will obtain with our neon signs at Neon-Rooms and you can bet we still have a lot more to offer.

We just want you to know that neon signs are completely good to go as long as the right materials and elements are used, and since we worry about the planet just like you, we have made sure to cover everything while offering high-quality neon signs that will beautify any room or space.

This means only one thing: you can acquire your favourite—or let us know if you have a custom design in mind—without feeling you aren’t meeting your environmental responsibilities.

And even more important, have the peace of mind you will be safe since materials and elements used to make them are non-lethal.

With all clear, it’s time to find your inspiration!

We have over 200 neon designs we know you’ll love it and if you were looking for some ideas all this time, we are confident you will find plenty to finally start creating your vibe.