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We can't help but shower our kids with love and special events. Such are opportunities to show love and express appreciation for their achievements or turning a year older.

Yet, kids’ parties have never been more fun than with custom neon signs that make the events even more special.

Whether it’s a birthday, a thank-you event, or a congratulatory celebration such as your child graduating from pre-school or higher, custom neon signs help make the events better and add an extra "touch".

Are you anticipating an event for your child soon?

Here are the best custom neon signs you should consider purchasing to make the event memorable:

  • jazz the dance floor
  • scale up the bar

And create the best memories your kid will never forget.

'Oh Baby' LED Neon Sign

The Oh Baby LED neon sign is often associated with baby showers, and for a good reason, because that's what the sign is often used for. However, it can also make a good custom sign for any of your kid's event.

Actually, the sign is ideal for almost all kid's events, and you can also have it in his bedroom as part of the home décor.

Is your child having a birthday party? The Oh Baby sign would be ideal.

'HBD' Neon Sign

The HBD neon is the short form for a "happy birthday" and is ideal when you are celebrating a kid's birthday party.

Is your child turning a year older? Consider the HBD sign to grace his/her event, jazz up the dance floor, and bring a relaxing feel to the room.

What's more, the HBD neon signs come in different colors, from cotton to indigo, and you have to choose your kid's best color to create him memories. As you shop, remember to focus on lamps that are shatter-resistant and that use energy efficiency.

'Let’s Party' Neon Sign

The "Let's Party" neon sign is also often used for many adult events and is virtually great for just about any event.

Still, this LED neon sign also suits kids' events, including birthday parties. "Let's party" LED neon signs that come mounted on firm and high-quality acrylic stands customized in shape are ideal. You can adjust them to your child's needs.

They make awesome Insta-worthy events, and you certainly don't want to miss out on them. Especially if you want to create a dancing mood from inception.

You can have the signs for just about any color, and you have to choose well depending on the event's theme and your kid's preferred color.

'Congratulations Baby' Neon Sign

From the word go, we often associate congratulatory messages and signs to women who just delivered, and that's right. Still, a little customization of the Congratulations message to read Congratulations Baby is a great neon sign for a kid's party.

Like with most signs, the Congratulations Baby sign is ideal for just about any event, including a kid's graduation party or a case of emerging the best in a competition.

In some events, the Congratulation neon sign has been used to grace the event when a sick child finally recovers. Depending on what event you want to hold, select the appropriate color, which could also be your kid’s favorite color.

What’s more, you can customize it further, probably including the kid’s name in it and have it the way you want it to be.

'Eat Drink Dance' neon Sign

The eat drink, and dance neon sign can be used as home décor and for events. For instance, you can always have it at weddings or other happy occasions.

Like the Let's Party neon sign, the eat, drink, and dance neon sign can also be used for gracing kids' parties.

What's more, depending on the company you decide to trade with, you can land high-quality lamps and bulbs that are recyclable, energy-efficient, and shatter-resistant, qualities that strengthen the neon sign so that you can use it repeatedly.

It comes in several colors, and you only need to do some good selection, depending on your color of interest.

'Happy Birthday' Cursive Neon Sign

Is your son or daughter turning a year older? You can use the Happy Birthday cursive neon sign to create pop environments for some breath-taking photos as the day rolls.

Being a sign of relaxation, the cursive happy birthday cursive neon sign is associated with happiness, merry, and dances, and it is one of the best neon signs you could consider when planning your kid’s birthday party.

What’s more, you can have the sign in different colors, so have in your mind your kid’s best color.

'1' LED Neon Sign

Is your baby turning one year old?

This is one of the best moments for you as a parent, and you want to make the occasion memorable. As such, you can use the *1* neon sign for the even. It is a simple and straight-home sign that signifies a child has turned one year old.

As simple as it is, it is not boring, but you can even make it better by using different colors for the room's décor.

What's more, you can feature an arch with florals on the neon sign, and things get even better. The good news is that the industry offers a variety you can always choose from, and should one brand fail to meet your expectations, you can move to the next one.

'Make A Wish' Neon Sign

Make a wish neon sign is always mounted during birthday parties, and you can have it for your kid's party. It can speak on its own as a birthday sign, although you can have it side-by-side with a happy birthday neon sign.

Like with other neon sins herein discussed, there are always several colors to choose from, and you can grace the baby’s occasion by considering his color of interest.


Kids' events have never been any better without neon signs. They serve many purposes, from jazzing up the dance floor, scaling up the bar, and enhancing pop photos.

Whether you are holding a kid's birthday or graduation party, you need neon signs. 

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