Can Neon Signs Be Repaired? – Is it Worth it or Not? 

As much as neon signs can last, you have to be realistic with the fact they will fail or perish at some point. 

Of course, this will be sooner or later depending on the neon sign you acquire and how well-made it is by the company you decided to buy it. 

In Neon-Rooms, we are proud to offer low-cost neon lights yet high-quality ones that won’t disappoint you in performance and how long they last before you start experiencing any problems, so you won’t have to worry about it. 

With that said, traditional neon lights have a shorter lifespan and will fail much sooner compared to LED neon signs

As a result, you might want to start considering the option of going for LED ones instead of giving yourself up to the idea of traditional ones. 

But if you’re trying to figure out which one is the best between both options, we have a complete blog dedicated to it—and we are sure you will find it more than valuable: Traditional Neon vs LED Neon – Which one is the best?

Now, focusing on the main topic, if a neon sign starts to fail, what can you do? 

What most people would consider is to completely change it. However, this can be expensive and you shouldn’t have to replace the neon light just because it starts to flicker or a very small difference from how it regularly looks. 

Therefore, is repairing the neon sign an option for you and anyone else? That will depend. 

Most neon signs can be repaired if the problem is related to the intensity of the light or if you have a minimal problem with the gases. Also, if a specific part of the sign needs replacement and won’t take too much work. 

Determining if it is possible to repair it will take a revision since the problems are not the same all the time. 

But to give you a short answer to the main question: yes, neon signs can be repaired. If it is worth it or not will depend on the source of the problem and how much the professional charge you for it. 

Main Sources of Neon Signs Problems 

  1. Energy & Power Issues.

The most common problem with neon lights is when they start to blink or flicker. With this sign alone, you can determine there’s a problem with the electricity.

Whenever you have a neon sign, you need to make sure the power supply is consistent if you don’t want it to fail anytime soon.

When you either have an inconsistent power supply or many blackouts, it’s very common to have problems with your neon light. 

Fortunately, it can be repaired since when this happens, the usual part affected is either the transformer or connections in the sign. 

  1. Damage in the glass or other components. 

Neon lights are fragile, so keep in mind you have to take care of them if you don’t want to face repairs that are involved with any damage to its components. 

Broken glass is the most common source of problems that lead owners to repair them since the gas that gives the neon result leaks out or becomes contaminated. 

Either way, the light will stop working and a full-repair of the glass is required if you want to maintain the same neon sign. 

  1. For how long it has been working. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, neon lights will fail at some point. 

If you have one that has been working for over 5 to 10 years, it is absolutely normal to experience a few problems that are very similar to the previous ones. 

Damage to the components for how long it has been hanging or maybe the connections aren’t as neat as before—which is certainly the case. 

More than repairing the light, it is about maintenance that many decide to perform. 

However, if it is discovered it has a worn transformer or there’s a lot of damage to deal with, the best option would be to acquire a new one instead of going for a repair. 


Avoid Repairs & Enjoy Your Neon Sign for Years 

The best way to avoid having to repair your neon sign? Getting it from the best store and making sure you’re taking care of it as well. 

In Neon-Rooms, we have a wide range of styles and designs that we’re confident will cover all your preferences and needs. 

From our ‘Electric Love’ to ‘Chums’ neon signs, each one of our lights is made to last for over 30,000 hours, which is the time most neon signs last. 

This is possible thanks to using the best materials and making sure each piece is properly assembled. 

We understand that guaranteeing you won’t have to repair your neon sign is a very daring thing to do and actually, we aren’t going to say you won’t have to do it ever. 

But we can say with all honesty and confidence that worrying about it won’t be on your list when purchasing any of our signs. 

Therefore, it will be possible to avoid repairs most of the time since it also depends on how you treat the neon sign

If you want to worry about a few things, consider these aspects: 

  • Is it or will it be connected to a stable power supply? 
  • How many neon lights do you have connected? If more than one, make sure all of them are supplied with the same voltage. 
  • Do you clean it properly? 
  • Do you hang it outdoors? If so, did you make sure it was for this type of use? 

With this in mind, we’re certain you will be able to maintain your neon sign and enjoy it more instead of worrying about it every single minute. 


What Designs Can Save You from Most Repairs? 

Every single neon sign in Neon-Rooms will deliver the best performance and there’s no difference in the materials we use. 

Either if you go for one of our available designs or decide to request a custom neon light, you can expect the best. 

Having this in mind, do you have any idea of the neon sign you would like? 

If you are aiming for a quote that motivates you every day, we would recommend our ‘You Have To Believe It Before You See It’ neon sign or the ‘Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do’ neon light

For other similar options, we invite you to have a look at our ‘Entrepreneurial’ ‘Inspirational’ and ‘Homecollections where you will find much more than a few quotes. 

When looking for different styles and designs, the ‘Diamond’ or ‘Butterfly’ neon signs will definitely steal your heart. 

If not, what about choosing from our ‘Artistic’ collection? 

We also have another 4 collections where you can find a mix of quotes, shapes or figures for your neon light. 

Or, as we mentioned before, you can always trust our team and request a custom neon sign with the design you’ve always wanted. 

We were completely serious when we said ‘every single neon sign’, which is why you can acquire any with all confidence and expect it to not give you many problems in the future with repairs. 

However, if you do need to repair any of our neon signs, you can always let us know your worries and get some advice from our experts. 

We are more than a store that is worried about giving you options but rather a company that wants you to find inspiration, assistance, and the neon light you’ve dreamed about. 

As a final recommendation, you can discover more about how to take care of your neon sign in our previous blog: How Long Do Neon Signs Last? – Guide to Longevity.