How Long Do Neon Signs Last? – Guide to Longevity

Since neon signs aren’t a cheap acquisition, anyone would expect them to be enjoyable for many years.

However, the fact they are lights and made with very delicate materials is what worries most people when they ask themselves ‘how long do they last?’

Besides, you don’t want your décor to wear out fast when you are purchasing it with the mindset of having it in your home or space for a very long time.

At least, that’s what we would be aiming for when acquiring one.

With that said, many factors determine how long a neon sign can last.

First, the materials used aren’t always the same.

Some people or suppliers decide to use cheaper but low-quality ones while others go for high-quality materials that can offer much more for their prices.

Also, how long you use the neon sign, where you use it, and how you maintain it also influences its lifespan.

Therefore, if you can’t determine its longevity based on only a few aspects but rather several ones, which we will make sure to go over right now.

Make Sure to Acquire A High-quality Neon Sign

Since several companies and sellers offer neon signs, you have to do your homework properly when searching for one.

For this, you need to find not only the one that sells the cheapest neon sign but also the best quality one.

It is hard to find a balance between price and quality, but we have made sure to make it possible at Neon-Rooms.

We have over 200 neon signs available and all of them are made by the best experts using high-quality materials only.

Usually, this would mean the neon signs we offer are quite expensive, but we also worked on this to ensure you are able to obtain the best product in the market.

But, what does this have to do with the longevity of your neon sign?

It’s simple. If you acquire a low-quality one, it won’t last for too long but rather 2 to 3 years at most, and we’re being very optimistic about it.

Meanwhile, high-quality neon lights like the ones we provide can offer you 8 to 15 years, and we are confident they will last even more thanks to how well-made they are.

Knowing this, it is clear that the company from where you acquire your neon sign plays a very important role in how long you will be able to enjoy it.

It is important to find good prices, but not at the expenses of quality when you will end up making a big purchase anyways.

Now, can every neon sign in our store last for over a decade? Absolutely.

We use the same materials for every design available and also, for customized designs.

This gives you enough freedom to choose any of the options you fall in love with. From our ‘Pinky’ and ‘Do It’ neon lights to the ‘Money. Power. Glory’ and ‘Ass-thetic’ neon signs.

You can choose any of them and expect the best quality and with it, durability and longevity.

You Play A Role in Its Longevity

We can create the best neon sign for you, but if you don’t take care of it, there’s no way it will last all those years.

Most people tend to hang and plug their neon signs and then, they just completely forget about them or usually, the only thing they do is to unplug them every few hours.

Well, it happens that unplugging it isn't actually a good thing to do. 

But before getting there, what does it mean to take care of the neon sign?

Just like any other object or element in your space, you need to clean it and make sure it is in good shape.

No, this doesn’t involve maintenance or something similar, but if you clean the dust off your neon sign, you’ll definitely enjoy it for much longer. Also, this will make it look neat and brighter.

If you aren’t sure about how to do it, you can easily use a feather cleaner, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, or a dry or barely wet cloth to get the task done.

It isn’t a high-maintenance décor, so you don’t need to worry about how much time you need to invest in this.

Just make sure to turn off your sign before removing the dust and everything will be fine and done in no time.

Next, what were we referring to with the ‘good thing’? Well, that unplugging or turning it off every day or every few hours will make it wear out much faster.

The problem with this is that people worry about the amount of energy spent in a neon sign, but this is not necessary since ours are made with LED lights.

You can have them turned on 24/7 and still pay almost nothing in energy bills—or you can rest assured it won’t be a reason for how much you spend on them.

Since you won’t be pushing the power transformation of the neon sign, it won’t wear out in the process and the brightness will remain with any changes.


Keep It Out of Reach from Curious People

People can enjoy your neon sign… as long as they keep their hands away from it.

We understand that you might be acquiring a neon sign for a special occasion or for your home where many people will be.

However, neon signs are not elements that can be touched as if they were a pet.

Touching isn’t an extreme ‘No’ but if you can avoid it as much as possible that would be great and will prevent any damage or the probability for the neon sign to break.

We are sure you don’t want to have accidents involving it since your neon light is the one that will be most likely affected by all this.

We would hate to see you acquiring any of our designs for it to end on the floor and leaving you without your vibe.

Therefore, if you are going for our ‘Music Harmony’ ‘Somebody Else’ ‘Skull’ ‘Mirror’ or any other neon sign in our store, you better hang it in the right place.

With Our Neon Signs, There’s No Need to Worry

When we say we are able to offer high-quality ones, we mean it.

This is why we are confident that our neon lights will last for 10, 15, and even 20 years. Not only because we chose the best materials but also because we make them with the utmost care and love.

We don’t want you to have random neon signs that won’t look bright and vibrant or that if it offers this, it won’t last for too long.

Instead, we aimed for the best and this applies to either our available designs or if you decide to go for a custom one.

If you mix our quality with proper care and cleaning, we are sure you won’t have to worry about getting another neon sign for the next two decades—unless you can’t resist it and need to have new ones!