How to Choose the Perfect Neon Sign for You

Decorating your property will always be a challenge, and this is something no one can deny either if they are looking to find some décor for their homes or maybe their offices or some special occasions. 

The main reason why the entire task of decorating is so difficult is that it isn’t as simple as choosing random items that might look well with your home or space. 

You need to be certain that it looks good but also, that it’s exactly what you want and makes you happy from start to end. 

Therefore, here’s a recommendation we can give you: don’t rush it but rather take some time to think about a few ideas or find some inspiration in several sources. 

With that said, being a bit more creative with your décor can also be the decisive touch you need for your space. 

Take neon signs as a great example for this—and you might want to take note to include them in your décor ideas from now on. 

They look great with everything and anywhere, especially in your home where they help you to create your vibe and feel more at peace while spending time in it. 

Now, many neon lights options can make you feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out which one you’ll include in your décor. 

When this happens, what can you do? Here a few things to keep in mind.  

Stay loyal to what you want for your neon sign

There’s no need to quit some of the ideas you already have for your neon sign. Instead, focus on browsing for several designs that are either similar or quite close to what you expect. 

In Neon-Rooms, we have a large variety of neon signs for your home and other spaces that will look stunning and meet your preferences and taste. 

Either if you’re looking for an artistic design or maybe a romantic one, we have several options that come in single and multi-colour. 

If you are aiming for a neon sign quote, we have the ‘Good to Be Home’ neon sign or a fun one like the ‘This Home Is Built on Love & Shenanigans’ neon light, which we personally love due to the vibe and feeling it adds to your space. 

But what if you have other ideas in mind such as having a drawing or specific shape as your neon sign? 

You can find over 200+ designs in our store and they include both quotes and shapes you can obtain to personalise your room. 

We have made sure to make it a bit easier for you to find and choose the perfect neon sign, you just have to browse all our designs or go to ‘Collections’ and have a look at the one that catches your eye—or maybe all of them. 

What we want you to know is that there’s no need to give up on finding the perfect neon light when you have plenty of options available in our store. 

Do you want a heart? Maybe a quote that inspires you? Stay true to that and you will find it soon. 

Where do you plan to hang your neon sign?

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself. 

We strongly believe you can use a neon sign anywhere as long as you are happy with it and fits what you were looking for. 

But if you are trying to go for neon lights in order to decorate specific spaces or for a third-party, you need to consider where it is going to be used. 

However, we want to focus on you and where do you plan to hang it. 

Are you looking for a neon sign for your bedroom? Kitchen? Office? Wedding reception? Any other place?

When you have this in mind, it is easier to figure out the design you want to go for. 

For example, if your bedroom has a vintage style, it is natural to go for a vintage neon sign as well that complements the whole décor and your taste. 

For your wedding, a romantic neon sign such as our ‘Love Made Me Do It’ design would look awesome in the colour that blends well with the palette of the rest of the decoration. 

Following these ideas, here’s a question you must be asking as well: does the colour of the wall matter? 

In certain occasions.  

You can hang vintage, minimalist, multi-colour neon signs or any other style regardless of the colour of your wall. It mostly depends on the specific colour you want for the neon light and if it blends well with the background. 

Usually, we wouldn’t consider a yellow neon sign to go well with a very strong pink background, but it also depends on what you like or not. 

If you can’t find it, just make it happen!

Although there are dozens and hundreds of designs available, sometimes you won’t find the specific neon sign that fits your personality and preferences. 

But this isn’t something to worry about when you get options such as the opportunity to get a custom neon sign.  

In cases where you have very specific ideas about what you want and you very likely know it will be impossible to find it in stock as an already existing item, you can just decide to be the first one to get it.

The beauty about neon lights is that you can use them however you want to and of course, get the design you have always dreamed about. 

Will it be easy to obtain? Only if you get the right people for it. 

In Neon-Rooms, we’ll be more than happy to help you through the process of getting a custom neon sign with the colours you want, the quote or shape, and in the specific size that will look better in your space. 

For this, we can provide you with suggestions, recommendations, and a few tips to keep in mind - starting now:

  • If you’re going for a neon sign quote, make sure it is well-written and choose the font you would like for it. 
  • Single colour or multi-colour? It is a hard decision but we can help you to figure out which one is the best for you!
  • The size will depend on the space you have in your room or wall where you plan to hang it, so keep this in mind whenever you are getting a neon sign either customised or not. 
  • Got pictures as references? That will speed everything up. 
  • Full-board or a cut to shape neon sign? 

Should you get a custom neon sign? 

As we mentioned before, if you know it will be hard to get something very specific, you should definitely go for this option. 

However, it isn’t always necessary to end up getting a custom neon sign since it’s very likely that one of our designs in the store is perfect for you. 

Don’t believe us? We’re confident that one of our neon signs from our ‘Inspirational’ collection can be the motivation you need. 

Designs such as our ‘Do What You Love’ and ‘The World Is Yours’ neon signs are a great starting point or maybe what you’ve been looking for. 

What about adding some music to your décor? The ‘Music Harmony’ and ‘Where Words Fail, Music Speaks’ neon signs are stunning and will look great in any room. 

But what if you don’t seem to find what you want? You can let us know the idea you have in mind and we will let you know if we already have it available or if there’s a similar one that can fulfill your expectations. If not, expect us to suggest you go for the custom option. 

With that said, there are certain situations when going for a customised neon light is the best option. For example, when you are getting the name of your family as a neon sign, the shape of your dog, or maybe a quote that means a lot to you and isn’t common to find. 

For anything personal, you should always go for custom neon signs. 

Don’t worry, you’ll love it

Here’s what worries most people: that they will hate the neon sign after getting it. 

Well, it’s different to have it live compared to building an idea or copying a similar design. 

However, with our team, you won’t have to worry about such a thing. Instead, look forward to the result and rest assured that any of our designs you decide to go for will look stunning and be your perfect neon sign. 

And this applies to any custom neon light you want us to create for you. 

Just stay positive and organise a few of your ideas, decide what do you want the most and again, take your time to make the final decisions. 

We will be here to help you choose your perfect neon sign and provide a lot of inspiration and ideas in case you are almost at zero with them. 

Find ideas with us and get your neon sign by the end of the day!