Neon Sign Ideas & Inspiration for your Place

When you are planning to decorate a new room or space, especially one where you spend a lot of time, you need to be completely sure about what you want to include in it.

After all, no one wants to spend money nor have a piece of décor that does not fit their taste and preferences or does not provide some kind of pleasant feeling when looking at it.

Therefore, thinking about what you want is crucial all the time and you should take this task seriously, even more, when it is a big feature that will be part of the main décor in your room.

However, how can you know what option is the best?

There is a large variety of décor for any place and room you can think of, but if you are looking for one that makes you happy whenever you are where it is placed, you might need to consider having neon lights as part of your décor.

Neon signs are very unique in the design and style they can provide to your space or room. However, you might need to make decisions about the final design you want. 

Coming to a decision about choosing neon signs as part of the décor for your office, home, business, or any other place, will also come with the task of finding the specific design you want for it.

But what are we referring to when it comes to ‘design’?

It is the quote, figure, or shape you want for your sign, and believe us when we say that making this decision will not be easy nor simple, even if you already have some neon sign ideas in mind. Why? Because there are way too many options and alternatives when it comes to achieving the final result.

Here at NeonRooms, we can provide you with inspiration for neon signs, several ideas but more importantly, the neon sign itself. Just make sure to stay for the ride and get everything from one place.

Start with what you like the most...

This is the best piece of advice we can give you: for a neon sign, you can always have what you truly like. Start from there.

We know it can be overwhelming to pick a design or specific sign from all the options available, especially in our store where we have a wide range of items just for you.

Thus, we want you to focus on something you really enjoy, want it to be part of your space, or just feel like it would be a great addition.

If you love music and want it to be everywhere or maybe have your neon sign in your studio, you can easily have a quote of your favourite song, the instrument you like to play the most or a figure or quote that makes you feel identified with it.

In this case, we are sure you would love our ‘Where Words Fail, Music Speaks’ neon sign since it expresses what most people feel with every lyric and melody.

Or our ‘Music Harmony’ neon sign with a unique shape that will make your space feel the music even without playing it.

This is just one idea of the many we can give you and you can find in our store.

After all, we have made sure to have as many options as possible to cover all the things you might love. Including several ‘Heart’ neon signs from where you can choose.

The ‘Love Balloon’ neon sign is our personal favourite.

Motivational quotes for neon signs

Well, not everything is about adding style and personality to your space.

It is also about giving it the final touch you need to feel like you are at the top of the world.

In NeonRooms, we personally love the fact that you can use neon lights for everything, including giving you some motivation every time you are having a hard time, need some support when you are alone, or just want to start the day with the right foot.

This is why we love having quotes in neon hanging in the walls as not only another piece of décor but rather part of your daily motivation.

But what quotes can you have as your neon sign? Do you have anything in mind that means a lot to you?

We have many ideas to give you in this department since the number of neon signs with quotes you can find in our collections is insane and perfect to have the inspiration you need to finish your interior design and have the motivation you need.

For entrepreneurs and people who want to start a new project, we highly recommend our ‘Knowledge Without Action is Meaningless’ neon sign. It is perfect for anyone who needs a push and reminder that taking the first step as well as the rest is important for achieving their goals.

You can also have a stunning working area where we all know the magic happens, and we have just the right neon sign for it with our ‘This Is Where the Magic Happens’ design.

When looking for motivational quotes, we encourage you to go for those that also means something for you in a more personal way. Maybe something a member of your family tells you all the time or a phrase you want to remember forever.

Our ‘Entrepreneurial’ collection can also give you inspiration for your neon signs and you are very likely to find the quote that will motivate you every day.

We have made sure that every quote in our designs boosts you in different ways. Our ‘Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do’ ‘Remember Why You Started’ and ‘The Future Is Yours to Create’ are part of the group of neon sign quotes we know you will feel identified with.

Get more than neon sign quotes

What if you do not like the idea of having quotes as your wall décor?

Sometimes, having them might not be the best idea in terms of decoration and the final result you want for your design. However, there is no need to worry about it if you truly do not wish for a quote.

Our store has a large variety of neon signs with quotes just as we previously mentioned, but we also thought about all the figures and shapes we could have as décor.

Thus, what do you think you can find in our collections? Well, you will certainly be surprised with the answer we have for that.

Our collections include several designs that focus on shapes and figures. You can have our stunning ‘Mountain Scape’ neon sign that will make everyone want it for their own rooms and spaces, or have a fun and unconventional ‘Tongue Out’ design that could be placed in your gaming area.

In NeonRooms, we know you might not want the usual quote for your wall but rather a unique figure that can give the space its own personality and touch of yourself.

We want you to have options and that is exactly what we decided to do by including a wide range of collections that cover most styles but mostly, give inspiration and neon sign ideas to anyone who is uncertain or does not have a good idea of what could be the perfect fit.

What about a custom neon sign quote?

If you have a quote from your favourite movie or maybe a phrase you want to immortalise in this way, we can help you with it.

We work with custom neon signs in order to meet your preferences, style and give you the specific quote you are aiming for. Or the figure you always wanted for your space.

In our store, we are more than aware that everyone finds inspiration for neon lights in different places and situations. You might have a good idea for yours that is not available among our collections.

We would love to give you the exact design you know will have a special place in your room. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for it.

After all, we are right here to offer you the best inspiration and ideas but also the neon signs themselves to have the wall décor you are missing.