The Needs and Uses of Neon Signs

We all know certain things and elements do not seem important or required in our lives and, in reality, they are not most of the time.

However, sometimes we need to open ourselves to more options and alternatives that can turn out to be what we were looking for all this time and even more than that.

A very good example of this is neon lights and what many people think about them.

You might know that neon lights were quite popular from the 1920s to 1960s and then, just disappeared since other trends appeared.

But since 2019, people are just loving neon lights due to all the uses they found for them and they also realized that unlike what many believed, they are essential instead of optional and dispensable.

In the past, they were mainly used to obtain dramatic and multicoloured signs for advertising, placing on very specific businesses such as bars or nightclubs, and adding some colour to the room.

Right now, do people still use them with the same purposes? Yes and no.

We have always been creative and we have aimed to innovate all the time, so you can imagine that the uses and purposes of neon lights were not changed but rather expanded.

Yes, you can continue to aim for neon signs to use for advertising and hang them in the usual businesses and areas.

However, you can also have more uses for them, including as wall décor for your office, home, or business in a different field to the previous ones mentioned. Thus, rest assured you can go for them if you have always been attracted to the beauty and unique style neon signs can provide you.

There is no need to worry about how people will look at them or if it is actually a good option to add to your space.

To stop thinking about this, we want to give you all the information you need to know.

Can you use your neon signs as home décor?


You do not have to look at it with different eyes but rather consider the neon signs as another option for wall art. After all, they are.

Besides, using it in your home is thanks to the specific design, quote or figure you can hang in your walls. You do not need to have an ‘exit’ sign just like in a bar when you can easily have a neon sign quote shining in your room.

Unlike before, homeowners get quite creative with them in order to complement or define the design and style they went for in their homes, and you can do just the same.

In our store, we have made sure to include several quotes and shapes that can go well with a minimalist, classic, retro, or any design you have in your home.

We know it seems a bit difficult to believe you can achieve so many styles with a neon sign that definitely screams ‘1920s’ or ‘1960s’, but it is all about the neon light colour you choose, the specific design you go for, and the rest of the décor in your home or if it will be the centre of attention.

If you do not believe us, just imagine this: a living room with dark furniture and white and black walls, and right in the main wall where everyone can see it, there is our ‘Rose Bloom’ neon sign hanging.

We are certain that would look stunning and give your living room the missing décor you were looking for or did not even know you needed.

In NeonRooms, we want you to keep in mind that when it comes to neon signs for your home, you can use them as the main wall décor, a way to have the motivational quote you need to start the day, or maybe the detail you were missing to be able to feel comfortable in your bedroom.

You can even come with more ways to use them and, who knows? You could share them with us.

Why would you need neon signs for your business?

Because they look more professional than you think.

We understand that many business owners and entrepreneurs worry about adding them to their businesses, and it is because they are not certain if the idea of neon lights will look elegant and professional.

Most people associate neon signs to informality, but we like to think about it differently: you can make it whatever you want.

We already mentioned you can obtain different styles in a room but, is an elegant and clean design included in this? Yes, definitely.

You just need to choose the right light colour as well and make sure that the quote or figure you choose goes well with either the message you want to give, your services, or provide a nice touch to the room where you will place it to make your clients and people overall, comfortable.

You are not convinced?

Well, if we mention businesses such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and arcades, we do not feel like we are getting through the uses you can give it.

Thus, here is a no so common idea: what about using it in your office?

Most offices and companies are not aiming for plain designs like a few years ago. Instead, they want all spaces, especially working areas, to be bright and have elements that can inspire and keep workers active and creative.

We are sure you could use some of that!

For this, you can either have our ‘First Thrust’ neon sign to show unity with everyone in the business and office, the ‘Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows’ design that can invite anyone to concentrate, or maybe the ‘Strive for Progress Not Perfection’ option that reminds you and every person in the room that working is about moving forward and giving your best.

We have designs and neon lights for businesses that can definitely be the element that brings the motivation and elegance to it and you probably did not even think about that nor would consider it.

Where can you get the perfect neon sign for you?

In NeonRooms, we are proud and happy to be able to offer you the neon signs that will change your home, office, or business.

We have put a lot of work into not only having a wide range of designs and options but also in making sure they will last for years. No one wants to get a sign that will break after a few months or even during the first years.

When thinking about buying a neon sign, keep in mind it should be able to last for at least 8 years, being 15 years the average.

Do not expect anything less from our neon signs on sale since we have aimed for them to continue to function for much longer. In this way, you will have a long-lasting design that will be part of your room as long as you want it to be.

But what about the collections and designs available? Will you actually find the right one for you?

We are very confident about having the perfect neon sign for you, and even more, if you ever decide to get two, three, or as many as you want.

After all, we have included many quotes, figures, and shapes in order to give you inspiration and meet your needs and preferences.

We assure you each neon sign for sale in our store will be of use for any purpose you have in mind. Be it as home décor, wall art for your office, enhance the style of your business, or obtain the final touch for your room.

If you want some ideas and suggestions, you can start by having a look at our ‘CEO Mood’ ‘Hiking’ and classic ‘Good Vibes Only’ neon signs, or you are always welcome to build your own design.

We are always receiving custom neon sign orders so you can have the quote you always wanted and will mean the world to you or the shape that fits better with the place you plan to hang this wall décor.

We know you will need it but also love it

Neon lights are not what most people would consider for any property or décor idea but we guarantee you will not have regrets after considering and going for the idea.

Just think about it for a second. You can use it for any purpose when it comes to decoration and you will need it for sure if you are looking for a unique and different detail that brings personality and a nice vibe to the room.

So, if we have to summarise the needs and uses for neon signs, we can do that within a phrase: to obtain the final and perfect result for the design in any of your properties and rooms.

Trust us in this, in finding inspiration and neon sign ideas, and also acquiring the one you want and need.