Why Neon Signs are the Best Home Decor

Owning a new home means there will be many things and tasks to handle in order to make it feel not only as another place to live in but rather your forever home. 

One of those tasks is to handle all the décor and appliances you wish to have and that could go well with the design you have in mind.

Everything starts with the furniture and big details that give your space most of the final result you are looking for. When you place your bed, couches, counter tops, and more, you will notice the difference in each room and how good they start to look. How complete they are, but are they? 

You can have all the big appliances done, but having that small and final touch that actually gives it your personality and the unique vibe is what you will be missing at the end of the main design. Thus, what do you think you can do about it? 

We have a piece of good advice for you.

Wall décor is a great way to not only find what will give your home personality but also enhance its beauty overall. You would get surprised by how much you can obtain and we assure you that with the right art and décor, it will not disappoint. 

Neon signs are one of the options you should definitely go for if you are aiming for something unique and out of the ordinary for your home. They might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but they will be the last ones to leave—if they ever do.

Being quite used in nightclubs, bars, and casinos, you will get impressed by how stunning neon signs can look in your place.

How to style neon signs for your home 

First, make sure you are obtaining high-quality neon signs that will not break out of nowhere nor leave you without lights after only a few days or weeks. 

Our store Neon-Rooms has a lot to offer in quality, design, and style. 

What does this mean? You will get neon signs for your home that will last for years and we will also provide you with a large variety of designs, quotes, and options to allow you to find the right one for your personality, style, and room.  

Styling it is not as simple as it looks if you have a concept of this décor that focuses on placing it in businesses and places we previously mentioned.  

There is more to it than just those areas. This is why you can find the exact design or neon sign quote you need for a place like your home while also being able to acquire the most traditional ones you have known so far.

Just keep in mind that the way you style it will depend a lot on what you want your neon light to be. 

Do you need some motivation in your office? Maybe a relaxing quote that makes you want to sleep in your bed even more? Everything depends on you and where do you want to hang the neon sign. 

In our store, we have made sure to cover all your needs. This is why you can expect to find the right neon light for your home despite the specific room where you plan to place it. 

From our ‘This Is Our Happy Place’ neon sign to make you feel welcomed every time to the classic ‘Good Vibes Only’ design which is always needed, we are sure you will find the perfect one that goes well with the purpose you want it for—besides being part of your décor.

To give you an idea about where we would place any of our items, you can have our ‘Good to Be Home’ neon sign right in your living room or wall in front of your entrance. 

Feeling at home starts just when you open that door and we are certain that a neon sign quote that only gives you a warm welcome is what you need. 

Why would you choose a neon sign?

Because of its beauty, comes with a wide range of designs, and how warm they will make you feel just as you should at home. 

Going for any type of neon light is not common or typical. However, since this trend started again in 2019 and has been growing since then, it should make you ask yourself what is so great about it. 

To be more specific, why would anyone choose them over pendant lights and lamps? 

We can start by mentioning how unconventional they are but also, how special and unique they are when it comes to turning your home from a boring box to a stunning place you don’t want to leave but rather look forward to arriving every day. 

At Neon-Rooms, we know you are worried about the neon lights and their intensity, how good the neon light will actually look, or maybe you are not sure about the quote you want for your neon sign. 

If you are worried about the last part, we are happy to let you know it is not necessary. After all, we might have dozens of neon signs with quotes available for you but we also have many artistic designs that can fit your taste in case you are not looking for a quote.

Our ‘Coffee’ and ‘Potions’ neon signs are part of our favourites and can blend well in your kitchen or living room. 

What if you do not know which neon sign you want?

We are aware that is not simple to choose a décor that will be hanging on your wall for a long time. After all, you do not want to feel overwhelmed with it after only a few weeks nor have a non-impactful result when placing it. 

What would we recommend in this case? To think of a quote you like, a figure you would like to have or any design you love and can be made into a neon sign. 

We also suggest you look through our collections and find the inspiration to come up with the answer.

We are a store where you can find the neon sign for your home but also, the inspiration you need to know quite well which design you want in the first place. 

Our ‘Home’ collection is the best way to start your tour and find neon lights that can meet your expectations. Every single one of the items in the category comes in 8 different colours that will fit your taste and go well with the current style of your home and room where you plan to place it. 

We encourage you to follow your instincts when choosing one of them as your home décor. In this way, you will be happy about the final choice. 

Aesthetics are important, but if you are not happy with how it looks but also, with the sign as an individual element, you will not find the right one for you.

You cannot go wrong with white neon lights

Are you worried about neon lights being too much for your home? We get it. 

When considering the option of placing a neon sign at home you usually thinking about it taking most of the attention and kind of overwhelming the room if you are not careful with it. 

Of course, if you are placing it is because you want it to be the centre of attention, there is no need to worry. 

But keeping it low in terms of making sure another décor also has its moment to shine could be a bit problematic. 

In this situation, the best solution is to go for white neon lights most of the time.

Yellow, red, blue, purple neon signs and similar ones, will always have a place in our hearts due to how stunning they look and their ability to give your space a different look. 

But if you are aiming to keep it as simple as possible, have your neon sign as a source of light and extra décor that does not overshadow others most of the time, we suggest you go for white neon signs. 

Our store has neon lights in white available regardless of the item you decide to acquire. Therefore, we can guarantee you it will not only look clean but also provide the style you want: minimalist, modern, or any other. Everything depends on the rest of your design at home. 

Looking to buy neon art? 

We have all our ‘Home’ collection available as well as many others in case you are looking for a different item.

Every quote, figure, or shape can be acquired, and if you are looking for a custom neon sign for your home, make sure to let us know, and we will make it just for you. 

We want to be part of your relaxing and safe space so you can enjoy it as much as possible and have that gorgeous feature that will make you want to arrive early every day.