Neon Signs Are Energy-Efficient, But Are They Effective?

Are Neon Signs Energy Efficient?

At Neon Rooms, we specialize in creating unique neon signs in America.

Neon lights are a wonderful addition to any house, store, or place of business.

Neon lights can be a fantastic option whether you're looking for a high impact feature light.

For your bar or a personalised neon sign to promote your hair and beauty business.

We've put together a useful reference on the costs of neon lights.

In case you're thinking about installing a neon light and are wondering whether neon signs use a lot of electricity.

How much neon signs cost

Most contemporary neon signs consume around the same amount of energy as a typical household lightbulb.

And because they can last between 8 and 15 years, they don't require as frequent replacement as regular lightbulbs.


If you're searching for a high-impact and fashionable light fixture.

Neon signs are an energy-efficient alternative that is secure for use in both homes and businesses.

The standard neon light uses 400 watts of power, as opposed to 150 watts for LED lights and 610 watts for fluorescent lights.

In order to achieve a striking appearance while using less electricity.

Many contemporary neon signs combine custom LED neon flex with clear perspex backing.


Determining how much electricity a neon sign uses

It might be worthwhile to consider the operating costs of your proposed design.

If businesses or clients want several custom neon signs for your premises or massive, high impact neon signs.

A custom LED neon flex design that uses the most recent LED lighting technology to cut electricity use is another option.

Calculating the ratio of watts needed per foot of neon tube lighting is necessary to determine a neon light's running costs.

And this ratio depends on the transformer and color utilized.

Next, you must determine your typical electricity cost per kWh and the frequency of light use.


Multiplying the number of hours the neon will be on by the amount of wattage that will be consumed.

If it's an emergency light that must be left on all the time, you'll need to figure it out for a full day.

Then, to get an estimate of how much electricity neon signs will take to run, multiply this number by the typical cost of your electricity per kWh.

What elements influence the power consumption of neon lights?

Although neon signs typically consume less electricity than standard lightbulbs.

Your individual usage will vary depending on the size of the light and how frequently you use it.


The color of the neon gas used in the light is another thing to take into account. 

For red neon lighting, the normal power usage is between 3.5 and 4 watts per foot.

It's crucial to take the neon light's output into account.

It can require more energy if you want it to be really big, have many letters, and be very brilliant.

Compared to larger neon signs with several letters, our Head in the Clouds neon sign uses less energy.

It can be wise to take into account the typeface that your neon sign utilizes, since some of them call for significantly more glass tubing and power.

Neon lighting and energy efficiency

Neon signs are far more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights.

While fluorescent fixtures can consume up to 50% more electricity than a typical neon glass tube.


Neon lights are a popular choice among business owners because they can give striking illumination both during the day and at night.

Meaning they might be in use around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Because LED neon signs consume less energy, some clients prefer to utilize them.

And LED neon flex signage provides the perfect balance of energy efficiency and eye-catching lighting style.

The same wide variety of colors are available for LED neon signs, which may also be rented for special events like weddings and birthday parties.

Select a neon sign

Neon signs, with their vivid colors and distinctive shapes, are the ideal way to give a place some individuality.


We provide a variety of color possibilities because our neon signs are built to order, including purple, pink, cool white, yellow, dark blue, red, green, and more.

In order to create a stunning rainbow effect, we may also employ a variety of different colors.

If you're concerned about high energy costs, you may choose a smaller font or only run your neon sign during business hours if that's more convenient.

We also provide custom made neon signs in a wide range of sizes.

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