Types of Neon Signs for Special Events and Occasions

Preparing a space for an event or a very special occasion that will mean a lot to you or a loved one can be pretty hard.

You have to handle the food, décor, music, organise everything, make sure there is a schedule most of the time; in short, you have a lot in your hands and you tend to miss very good options that could give you the results you are looking for.

When you are getting things done, it is normal to go for very conventional designs and décor that can give you an expected style that you might have come with after looking for hours on the Internet or maybe just because you have a good idea of what you want and how you want it.

But did you know you tend to close yourself to other ideas and inspiration that can be even better than what you have in mind?

Neon signs are a very good example of this since not many people consider them when decorating for a party, wedding, or any other special occasion.

Instead, they are so used to seeing them in bars and nightclubsor similar places, that thinking about them to be part of the décor for any of these events is quite far from their minds.

Here in Neon-Rooms, we want to let you know there is a huge variety of neon signs for events and different occasions that could give you the special touch you are looking for.

But how do you know which design is the best? Is there a specific type depending on the event you are planning?

We will answer all your questions here.

Neon signs can be part of your wedding day

Yes, you can have a neon sign for your wedding and we assure you it will look beyond gorgeous and stunning.

Besides, it will be the perfect complement for your reception and even the area where you decide to take your photos.

The idea of having a feature or detail that definitely stands out and makes you fall in love with the whole décor thanks to how much it enhances it is something we encourage you to find.

And we are quite confident you will be able to find it when looking for neon signs for your wedding in our store.

Before you say ‘no’, we want you to think about it for a second.

Most people consider neon lights to be too much for such an important day, some even think they will stand out more than the newlyweds themselves. Well, we think it is the opposite but it is all about what type of neon sign you choose for it.

To have neon lights for your wedding, we recommend to keep it minimal and simple even if you are throwing your house out of the window with the celebration and having eccentric colours and décor.

Why? Because you do not want it to be everything in your décor but rather one of the highlights in the event.

Having a customised neon sign with your and your partner’s name would look amazing in the main wall or entrance of the reception. If your palette focuses on light colours, you should go for very colourful options, such as our red and purple neon lights.

But if you are looking for something different and very unique designs, we have different neon signs for your wedding, starting with our ‘Just Married’ neon sign and moving onto our ‘Love Made Me Do It’ quote that will give a special feeling to the moment.

You can also go for the neon sign type that consists of a specific figure. The ‘Melting Heart’ and ‘Double Heart’ neon signs in our store will be the perfect fit.

To find more types for your wedding, we invite you to have a look at our ‘Romantic’ collection where we are sure you will find amazing neon sign ideas, inspiration, and the one you need.

Neon Signs are perfect to get the party started

Unless you are going for a very quiet and simple partymore like a gathering—, you definitely need a neon sign as part of the moment, and even if it is something that fits the first description the most, you can still have it as part of your wall décor.

It is easy to conclude that neon signs are perfect for parties, especially when you choose the perfect colour and design for the light.

Just imagining our ‘Beer’ neon sign as the centre of your party is already firing us up to not only start it but also enjoy it all night long.

Even though we are unable to go outside and enjoy a very good party in our best friend’s home or organise one on our own due to the current worldwide situation, we still remember how amazing parties are, and we are eager to not only go to one again but also be part of yours.

For yours, you can easily have a sassy and unique figure as your neon signmaybe more than one, or go for a quote that can spice up the whole party.

It is up to you to choose the type and design in this case. However, if you want some advice in case you are going for a theme, here are a few ideas.

Our ‘Ghost Neon’ sign can give you the special touch for your Halloween party, maybe get the ‘Female Pose 2’ neon sign if you are aiming for sassiness all the way or a ‘Happy Birthday’ customised neon sign for your day.

For a more eccentric result, our ‘Hand of God’ design will look stunning in any of the 8 colours we have available for this and every neon sign in Neon-Rooms.

What about neon signs for corporate events?

Never say ‘no’ to having neon lights for your business events. After all, they can give you what it takes to enhance the whole room.

We understand it is a bit strange to add something so bright during corporate events, but have you thought that maybe that is what you are missing?

Unlike years ago, the events for your business do not have to be boring, plain, and follow a pattern that lets you know you are definitely in a corporate event. Why? Because it looks dull.

Then, why not think outside of the box?

Do not think we are encouraging you to go for a risky décor such as neon signs. Instead, we are trying to make you discover the benefits of finally including them.

You can easily go for a customised neon sign with the name of your brand, hang it where everyone can see it, and get the best wall décor for your event you could ever have.

There are many types of neon signs that can fit your needs and go more than well with the image of your brand.

A few ideas we can give you is to include any of our neon sign quotes for entrepreneurs, such as our ‘Be So Good They Can’t Ignore you’ ‘Remember Why You Started’ and ‘Money. Power. Glory.’ neon signs.

Make sure to choose a light colour that goes well with the palette of the rest of your decoration. Choosing one that defines your brand or is the most used in your marketing and image is also a great idea.

What if you want a more daring design?

In Neon-Rooms, we can only tell you one thing: do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

It is all about how you style your neon sign and how you will make it fit in your event.

If you want something like our ‘Globe’ or ‘Diamond’ designs to light up the place but feel like it may not be a good fit, just think more about the colour.

You can still keep it formal with a light one such as white or warm orange, or go all-in with it and choose very bright colours.

Perfect neon sign type for your event

We are proud of the wide range of designs and options available in Neon-Rooms. After all, we have made sure to have a variety that allows you to have a neon sign for your birthday, special day with your forever partner, go wild in your party, or have a sober style for businesses.

Therefore, rest assured that any of our neon signs on sale will be perfect for specific occasions.

But remember, you do not need a special event to decide to hang one in your wall.

They are perfect for your home, office, and consider them as one of the best wall décors you can have in your room.

Just choose the design you like the most or hit us with the quote or figure you want for your custom neon sign.