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I can't believe how many PR pitches are flooding my inbox. Others are grossly out of the question and completely unrelated to consumer technology.

Then some aren't quite incorrect but aren't entirely related to technology.

I had to investigate when Neon Rooms sent me an email asking if I would review their neon signs.

I looked around the website for Neon Rooms, watched a few videos, and read a few reviews. Naturally, I was much more fascinated, so I responded.

'BITCOIN' Neon Sign

The business emailed me a mockup and offered to turn the Techaeris logo into one of its LED neon lights.

They created the sign as payment for this review, and a week or two later, it appeared.

The Contents Table

  • Specifications
  • What's In The Box
  • Design
  • Install and Configure
  • Price/Value
  • Video
  • Wrap up


Neon Rooms Requirements:

  • The most recent technology is used to create neon signs. using high-quality LED lighting, which has several advantages over outdated, glass neon fixtures.
  • Simple to install (Comes with hanging kit)
  • Reliable use (Only 12V)
  • Efficiency in energy
  • Resilient and lasting
  • Lightweight
  • High caliber
  • More radiant than typical neon tubes
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Best rates promise
  • Create your own at

What's In The Box

  • Build a Neon Sign
  • Power cord and supply
  • Power module with touch controls
  • Mounting devices


I must confess. I had some reservations regarding Neon Rooms ability to use our logo to produce a sign.

It was foolish of me to assume, considering I know almost nothing about the technology they employ to produce them.

When the sign arrived from DHL, the first thing I noticed was how beautifully it had been preserved and packaged.


The sign itself was taped and coated with protective bubble wrap, and it took some work to peel and open the package.

Overall, the packaging job was excellent.

Four mounting posts

Four post screws and four wall screws are included in the mounting kit that comes with the sign when it is purchased.

All four post screws and the mounting posts are made of premium acrylic.


This is probably the only issue I have with the mounting technique because aluminum would have been a better material to use.

The remainder of the sign is constructed of premium acrylic, and the components holding the LEDs are covered in what appears to be soft rubber.

It feels solid, but I have no idea what it is. Between the letters and the logo, there are thin wires that can be seen, which I suppose are electrical.

 Once illuminated, those hardly stand out.

About lighting, With the LEDs in this sign, Neon Rooms illuminates a space.

Although the brightness is really strong, a dimmer option would have been ideal.

'LOVE ME' Neon Sign

I was astounded at how faithfully they captured our logo and font.

Although the color of the hawk head is slightly incorrect but not noticeably so, it is perfectly accurate.

The logo contains a variety of colors due to the gradient.

Overall, I was blown away by how stunning this sign appears.

Additionally, the craftsmanship is excellent, and I can see this lasting for a very long time.

Install and Configure

The Neon Rooms are simple to assemble. It's a relatively straightforward situation, however, there were no instructions.

A level, a drill, drill bits, and a pencil were utilized.

Although they are not provided, I decided to utilize drywall anchors in this situation. The sign can be mounted on studs without the need for anchoring.


I substituted a TOGGLER SnapSkru drywall anchor kit for the provided mounting screws since I wanted to be sure the sign wouldn't move.

I started by locating the location where I wanted to install the Neon Rooms Sign.

I determined the center by measuring the distance. After leveling and marking the sign's level.

I mounted it on the wall. I marked the four mounting places on the wall with a pencil while someone else held the sign.

You don't need to pre-drill holes because TOGGLER anchors self-drill, although I still do it.

These drywall anchors can occasionally fail if you don't pre-drill, I've discovered.

I drilled the mounting posts after I had installed the anchors.

The Neon Rooms Sign was then set in place with assistance, and the acrylic post screws were inserted into the mounting posts through the sign.

I'll issue a warning to make sure you measure several times and are precise.

I had trouble getting one of the acrylic post screws to go in since I was just a little bit off.

I fixed the issue with a tiny bit of play created by loosening the other post screws.

Although it is not difficult to set up, I advise enlisting a second person for assistance and measuring twice before installing it.


Neon Rooms Sign products are priced differently. You must visit our website to find out what you might pay.

You can choose from more affordable, simple signs or more expensive, personalized ones.

In terms of value, I believe a sign like this would be quite advantageous to a company or content producer.

'WE PLAY TO WIN' Neon Sign

It's a fantastic approach to promoting your company or brand.

I believe it's entirely up to you if you want to spend the cash on furnishing a room in your house for personal use.

It's a genuinely excellent piece that will spark discussion.

For comparison, this particular sign cost US$450 and included free DHL shipping.

Wrap up

The Neon Rooms is a great addition to any workspace for a business, a home office, a content creator, or even a person's leisure time.

Although it can be expensive, you can write it off as a marketing expense for your business.

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