How Neon Sign Lighting May Effectively Attract Customers

How Neon Sign Lighting may be very effective in drawing customers

Have you ever thought about using a neon sign to illuminate your life and your business?

Well, congrats - you're already ahead of the game just by thinking about it.

When it comes to drawing customers to your business, neon signs may have a huge impact.

Additionally, they provide you a competitive edge over other retailers. Why?

Because custom neon signs not only promote your company, but they also create talk.

What you need to know about neon, from LED Flex to design best practices to prices.

LED Flex Neon signs: what are they?

Efficiency, creativity, and adaptability should come to mind when thinking of LED Flex Neon.

The world of neon signs has been transformed with LED Flex.

Neon lighting was typically built of glass during the gloomy days of yore and relied on a mixture of neon and argon gas.


This indicated that the signage was rigidly constructed and extremely fragile. Changed by LED Flex.

Since these signs solely use LED, they are more energy and financially economical to operate.

They may be molded into a multitude of shapes due to their remarkable flexibility and reputation as an unbreakable material.

But hold on—things get better. Additionally, installing them is SO MUCH EASIER.

Traditional signs required lighting professionals to install them, while LED Flex installation is regarded as "entry level," meaning that anybody can set up the signs.


It only requires a wall to hang on and a power outlet to operate. What is there to dislike about that?

Why neon signs are a good idea for businesses

We understand that you might have assumed that neon signage' novelty had worn off by this point.

After all, they have existed since 1910. Although it's simple to do so, this antiquated way of thinking is completely incorrect.

The day French physicist and chemist Georges Claude introduced neon signs at the Paris Motor Show more than a century ago, they were still awe-inspiring.

You simply need to be innovative with your designs in the age of social media, but more on that later.


Listed below are just a few ways neon signs might benefit your company:

Entice clients:

Neon signage are self-explanatory. They leave a good first impression because to their vivid colors and flashing lights.

It becomes difficult for potential buyers to ignore them when you combine this with the fact that they can be molded into any shape.

Neon is so alluring that 68% of respondents in a survey by Ketchum Global Research.

Stated that they have purchased a good or service simply because a sign drew their attention! The data is accurate.


Create buzz:

An Instagram following can be built for a well-made neon sign, particularly one that is displayed outside.

If done well, prospective customers may make a special trip to your store JUST to snap pictures of your installation.

Neon is the focus of entire accounts, including Neon New York City and Neon Culture.

There are other hash tags you may use to cash in on the craze, some of which include #neon, #neonsign, and #neondreams.

Energy savings:

Neon lights are low electricity and can help conserve between 50 and 70 percent more energy than conventional lighting.


The normal power usage of an LED neon light is only 150 watts. They don't produce any heat either.

These are safer to use indoors and in beds, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly. The victories just keep rolling in!

24/7 marketing:

Since neon signs are inexpensive to operate, you can use them to promote your company day and night, which certainly increases brand recognition.

Who among us wouldn't want their company to be noticeable day and night?

A variety of forms and patterns:

Flex LED Due to its tremendous flexibility, neon signs may be easily molded into any shape or pattern.


Whether you want to replicate your brand, a symbol, or a motivational quotation, the options are unlimited.

Regardless of your preference, make sure the design is distinctive and memorable to grab people's attention.

Life span:

Neon lights have a very long lifespan when correctly made.

Neon lights typically endure more than ten years, and electrical wire degeneration is the usual reason why they do fail.

That is what we mean by getting the most for your money!

The best neon sign designs and techniques

We've discussed the advantages of neon signs for your company, but in order to benefit from them, your design must be effective.

Play a game together.


Visualize Times Square's dazzling array of lights in motion. Now consider how you would promote your company amidst all of that neon.

I mean, it's difficult to understand how you might be distinctive.

Although challenging, it is not impossible.

Even if it's unlikely that you'll actually be running an advertisement in Times Square.

This method of thinking should still inform your design strategy.

Your sign should ALWAYS provide the public with something more, even if you are the only establishment on the street to have neon.


Think outside the box and it should serve to inspire as much as to inform.

When it comes to advertising, logos are an obvious choice, but there are other ways to promote your company.

Using a comparable image or quotation can have just as much impact and cause the aforementioned social media buzz.

Ideally, you should ask yourself "what will encourage people going into your shop to take photos of your sign" at the outset of the design process.

Unfortunately, unless your company name or emblem is extremely catchy, consumers probably won't post it to Instagram.


Be a little abstract, therefore don't be afraid to do so.

Consider the scenario where you want to promote a specialty motorbike business.

I know, niche, but stick with me. Instead of just using the name of your company, you may use a statement like "easy rider" or a real motorcycle.

Why not use a trendy plant like a green monster leaf or the idiom "welcome to the jungle" for a florist?

You may use a saying like "time for the chop" for a hairdresser.

These are intrinsically more motivational and are more likely to catch people's attention on the street and gain popularity on social media.

Your creativity is the only restriction.


Consider writing out your brand's name in a chic typeface and color, as the

HairCartel in Bondi has done, if you do want to continue with a more conventional style.

They chose a fashionable pink color, which is currently very trendy, and offset it with simple, modern interiors.

The end product is a sign that is distinctive and gives you a feeling of cleanliness and style—associations you would expect from a pricey hairdresser, right?

Keep in mind that your sign is one of the first things customers will see about your company. 

And the associations you evoke are strong. Here, the big picture is crucial.

Additionally, you want your interior design to complement or match your neon sign.


Neon's vivid, colorful character makes it preferable to contrast them with solid neutral colors like white, black, stone, and beige.

Never overcrowd a room with other hero items; your sign should always be the center of attention.

However, there are several other design best practices that you must follow even when your imagination is the only constraint.

The most crucial element is to MAINTAIN MINIMAL DESIGNS.

Neon has a clean, streamlined appearance that complements outlines, basic forms, and text the best.

With all that color and lighting, if designs are too complex, it will appear chaotic.


Your design will leave the audience perplexed, and you don't want confusion to be linked with your company.

Look at the two signs below and decide which one you find more attractive.

Well done if you choose the final choice. If you selected option 1, we most likely can't assist you. I'm kidding, but it's not very nice.

What additional uses for neon have there been?

Right now, neon is having a little bit of a moment. When anything becomes an Instagram craze, it usually lasts for a while, and neon is no exception.

Signs will continue to glow for some time. Smaller versions of neon are now available for homes because it is currently so high demand.


From stars to love hearts to cactus signs, we've seen it all.
Due to the customizability of signage, there is something for everyone.

There have been some incredibly inventive and unique works created as a result of the neon wave.

As a final recommendation, you can discover more about how to take care of your neon sign in our previous blog: How Long Do Neon Signs Last? – Guide to Longevity.

To discover more about the history of neon signs. SEE HERE

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