Can Your Neon Signs Be Used Outdoors?

When we think about choosing our neon sign, we don’t think too much about the possibility of placing it outdoors unless we will be using it for an event or special occasion. 

As a result, we tend to feel confident about our buy and rest assured it will last and look good once it is placed indoors. 

After all, neon signs are mostly used for living rooms, bedrooms, stores, or in some businesses to add personality. 

But what happens if you are aiming for one that needs to go outdoors? 

There’s no need to worry about it if you will be placing it for a few hours and making sure it will be indoors once everything is over. 

However, if the neon sign is for daily use and to be placed in a space where it will be exposed, it is necessary to take certain measures to ensure it will be protected and won’t get damaged. 

Indoor neon signs aren’t made of the same materials as outdoor neon signs or, to be more specific, outdoor ones have more elements that need to be added to ensure their performance and durability. 

It depends a lot on the company from whom you are acquiring your neon lights and if it is able to provide outdoor neon signs. 

In Neon-Rooms, we make sure that every neon sign is not only well-designed and stunning but also durable and long-lasting. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a neon sign to be used outdoors, you can rest assured our team will get it for you by including the proper elements and preparing it for different weather conditions.  

This means the answer to the main question is: yes, you can use your neon sign outdoors thanks to how we will make it for you. 

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Neon Signs?

As mentioned before, outdoor neon signs need to be covered with extra elements to ensure they stand water and the exposure to the sun won’t affect the quality of the materials nor the brightness of the sign. 

Since our neon signs are made with LED lights, we aren’t worried about the quality and its brightness but rather about protecting every element and material. 

While indoor neon signs only have an acrylic base for the letters and the tubes with LED lights—or maybe they are cut to shape—, outdoor ones will have either glues and silicones to protect the wires and seal everything in order to prevent water from entering. 

Our main worry is to prevent water from damaging the neon sign, which means the wires and electric parts should be completely covered. 

Another option is to place an acrylic shield on top of the neon sign and seal it around the edges to prevent not only water but also other elements to enter it. 

Meanwhile, indoor neon signs do not require all of this unless you are thinking about using them in rooms or spaces where they can get wet. If this is the case, we can work to prepare it for you. 

We, Neon-Rooms, have taken all the measures and steps to create or make outdoor neon signs that can cover your needs and guarantee many years of use thanks to how well-protected they will be. 

Can Neon Signs Stand Cold and Hot Weather? 

Thanks to the LED lights we use for them, there’s no need to worry about the weather being too hot for it nor losing its brightness or durability because it is too cold. 

LED is stunning and exceeds expectations when it comes to performance in every possible way, which is why it makes neon signs to be exposed to cold and hot weathers possible. 

Now, it is important to pump the neon signs with the right combination of gas to ensure they won’t be affected. 

In our store, we use the right materials and pure ones to ensure there won’t be freezing problems nor heat during hot days. 

We understand that in the UK the weather can be crazy, and the same applies to every country around the world. 

Since we have made sure to offer our neon signs with worldwide shipping, we are very confident about them resisting climate conditions. 

So, here’s the short answer: yes, they can be used in very cold and hot weathers without issues. 

What Neon Signs in our Store can be Used Outdoors? 

Any of them. 

All our designs are made as indoor neon signs. However, we can prepare them to be used outdoors anytime when you place your order. 

You only need to let us know what neon light you wish for and we will make sure to add the outdoor features to protect it as long as you add this request to your order. 

We wanted to give you the opportunity to have any design for your outdoor spaces. Thus, don’t feel limited to choose only a few ones when all of them are available for indoor or outdoor purposes. 

This includes our ‘Rose Bloom’ neon sign, which would look stunning in your garden all year round. 

Our ‘CEO Mood’ neon light looks stunning as a welcome sign for any business or if you have different plans in your mind, rest assured it will stand any weather. 

We invite you to have a closer look at our neon collections and acquire any of the neon signs as an outdoor design.

We didn’t want to limit options and possibilities, so you can also request your custom neon sign and add the waterproof and outdoor features to ensure it can be used anywhere. 

Have a Look at Our Neon Collections:

When we said we can prepare any of them, we really mean it. 

From our ‘Artistic’ to ‘Music’ collection, any of our neon signs can be built to be used in outdoor spaces. 

We don’t want you to have limited options nor consider only a few ones in our store to create your vibe and finally, get the one you’ve been wanting all this time. 

With that clear, have you thought about the neon sign you would like? 

If you are aiming for a warm and home design, we suggest you start with our ‘Live Simply’ neon sign

Meanwhile, our ‘Pinky’ and ‘Melting Heart’ designs are stunning for any occasion and any indoor or outdoor space. 

There are over 200 designs that can look stunning outside, and we will make sure to not only provide you with good-looking options but also resistant and durable ones.