How To Clean Dust Off Neon Signs

Cleaning Neon Signs

Today, neon signs are frequently found in small stores and other business settings. To keep them shining and clearly visible, they must be kept clean.

Here are some cleaning instructions for neon signs that will help you comprehend the fundamental procedures for keeping them free of dust and fingerprints.

The illuminated Customised Neon Signs are striking enough to draw your sight.

These are recognized as the best components for luring and interacting with customers.

For enlivening business environments, many designers choose it because of its light and eye-catching effect.

Neon signs are the best eye catchers and among the most often used tools in the advertising sector, whether it be for copywriting or symbols.


However, proper maintenance and upkeep must be given to these neon lights.

Let me inform you that these signs can last for years if they are properly maintained.

One of the important components of the maintenance job is cleaning the neon signs.

Neon signs need to be handled carefully, thus.

We will therefore learn how to clean neon signs so that they are more vibrant and striking.

Cleaning Advice for Neon Signs

Cleaning Dust Neon signs frequently collect dust and go unnoticed.

As time passes, the dust continues to accumulate the symptoms and builds up a thick coating that can be very challenging to remove.

Additionally, after being light, dusty signs may not appear brilliant, and gathered dust frequently makes it challenging to view them from a distance.

It should go without saying that regular cleanings will keep the signs from collecting layers of dust.


Obtaining a dry brush and not dusting them is all that is required to maintain them dust-free. How? Read on.

Unplugging And Turning Off

Start by unplugging and turning off the neon sign. Now softly brush the dust from each area of the neon lights using a soft nylon brush with long bristles.

An old pair of socks can also be used to clean the neon sign. Take your time and be cautious when completing this activity.

Spotting cleaning Light spots on the neon sign can be eliminated using a cloth that has been wet with water.

The stains cannot be removed with a cloth wet with water if they are difficult to remove.


A cleaning solution with ammonia as its main ingredient must be used to dampen the cloth or sock.

This can assist you in totally eliminating stains and leaving your sign clear of dust.

If the stains are persistent or difficult to remove, it is also a good idea to use commercial cleaners designed specifically for neon signs.

This technique is also suggested for spot-cleaning painted-over neon signs.

However, in this situation, you need to be careful to merely cushion the cloth and avoid soaking it in the solution.

If you're using a potent cleaning agent, make sure to test it first on a painted sign corner.

In this situation, care must be given because the solution could cause the paint to become loose and peel.

You Know How To Clean Neon Signs

Now that you know how to clean neon signs, it's equally important to understand how to care for neon signs after cleaning them.

Whether you are simply dusting or performing wet cleaning, be careful to first switch off the neon sign, unplug it, and then proceed with your work.

Additionally, you must move slowly and carefully when cleaning the signs to prevent breaking.

The wires running through the sign could entangle a brush or a sock.


Consequently, it is a good idea to hold the wires apart with a wooden shovel while cleaning the neon lights.

Hairline or significant cracks frequently form on neon signs.

Prior to applying a damp cloth or a sock to it and beginning the cleaning procedure, it is imperative that you inspect it for cracks and damage.

If you encounter any issues, you should first think about hiring an expert to fix the neon sign.

Make careful to dust neon signs on a flat surface and change the stocking frequently when cleaning them.

This will guarantee that the cleaning equipment is kept clean and that the signs are cleaned more quickly and effectively.

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